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Recycling cotton reduces excessive wastage and can be a more efficient alternative to disposal. RG Group owns 5 dedicated units to recycle yarns. The process starts with the collection of pre-consumer and post consumer waste, followed by a sorting the waste by colour and sending the colour to a dedicated unit where it is shreadded to fiber.

After cleaning the waste fibers, they are opened and blended. Post the blending process, the fibers undergo carding, followed by drawing of the sliver formed from the waste fiber and spinning the fibers into a yarn.

RG Group, the largest spinning yarn manufacturer takes pride in using a blend of 80% recycled yarn and 20% PET fiber of strength. Also, no water is used in the entire process of recycling the yarn.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the manufacturing Capacity of Rajiv Group for Recycled Yarn?

Rajiv Group boasts 5 dedicated units for shredding of the waste cotton fabrics and a separate unit to spin the carded fibers into usable yarn.

How many Colours are available in Recycled Yarn in Rajiv Group's folio?

We currently have 15-20 shades in our portfolio and all always evolving and working on providing more options.

What waste is used to produce recycled yarn?

At Rajiv Group we use pre-consumer and post-consumer waste to be converted into recycled yarn.

Pre-consumer recycling is the reclamation of waste materials that were created during the process of manufacturing or delivering goods prior to their delivery to a consumer.

Post-consumer waste is a waste type produced by the end consumer of a material stream; that is, where the waste-producing use did not involve the production of another product.


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