3D BedsheetsSuper Soft Luxury 3D Bedsheets

RG Textile Industries is known for crafting 3D bedsheets with beautiful aesthetics to create an ambiance. The warping process starts leading to the weaving of the bedsheet fabric with waterjet looms. RG Textile Industries, having one of the largest textile mills, prints 175000m/per day with 12 colour rotary machines. Then the process ends up with the washing and packaging of the bedsheet.

Throughout the process, we lay special emphasis on treating the water used during the process so as not to release toxic waste.

Polar BlanketsFeather Light Cozy Blankets

Lately, the world has been demanding polar blankets. These are made up of microfleece, or synthetic fleece which are usually regarded as a lightweight alternative to wool. The process of manufacturing polar blankets starts with knitting circular knits, followed by dyeing or printing the fabric. For printed designs, we use roller printing techniques. The printed blanket then undergoes brushing and sewing before finishing. The finishing process includes vacuuming. It ensures that none of the threads remain on the blanket. At last, the finalized blanket is checked for quality and then packaging.

At RG Textile Industries, we manufacture 20 tons per day, that is 50000 pieces daily.

Mink BlanketsSoft Cozy Warm Blankets

We, at RG Textile Industries, hold a record of manufacturing 70-ton mink blankets every day, which is equivalent to 50000 pcs per day. The blanket manufacturing starts with the warping process, followed by fabric weaving. After weaving, the blanket undergoes the flatbed screen process for design printing. This process takes place multiple times at 90 ~ 140 ℃ to provide a soft touch, excellent gloss, bulkiness, and heat retention. The process ends with washing, brushing, tailor finishing, and packaging.


Flannel Blanket Ultra Soft Flannel Blankets

Rajiv Group introduces a range of super soft cozy comfortable flannel fur blanket that provides warmth and is ideal to use in all seasons. It is very lightweight, soft, durable and easy to care. It is crafted using polyester with a fabric quality range of 150GSM to 250 GSM. Made in Solid colours and rotary printed designs to suit every living space. Rajiv Group produces 20,000pc/day of dense and plush feel flannel blankets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the count of the bedsheet fabric produced?

We produce various counts for our bedsheets. The usual count ranges from 120’s – 200’s

Is it possible to get custom designs printed?

Yes, it is possible to get custom prints made, provided it is a bulk quantity order.

What is the fabric composition produced at Rajiv Group?

We manufacture bedsheets fabric with the composition of 50% cotton and 50% polyester mix, which makes these bedsheets soft and durable.

What type of Polar Blankets does Rajiv Group Manufacture?

Rajiv Group manufactures 2 types of Polar blankets- printed polar blankets and solid color polar blankets.

What is the average supply capacity of polar blankets by Rajiv Group?

We manufacture 20tons ie. 50000pcs of polar blankets a day.

Are these blankets soft and warm?

These blankets are designed by using polar threads and fiber to ensure their excellent warmth and softness to the skin.

What type of Mink Blankets does Rajiv Group Manufacture?

Rajiv Group manufactures various types of mink blankets- printed mink blankets, embossed mink blankets, plain mink blankets, and printed embossed mink blankets.

What are the available weights of the mink blankets?

The Mink Blankets fall under to weight categories – single ply and 2 ply , weighing in the range of 1.6kg – 6kg.

Are these blankets soft and warm?

Mink blankets are noted for being extremely soft, warm, and dense.

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